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(cheering, applause) (screaming) you must think i'm pretty... callous, celebrating my divorce like this. unless you were celebrating your husband's death. how dare you. this party was for me. you know, just leave it to roger to try to take that away from me. mrs. lansing, your husband was murdered. well, that doesn't make any sense. maybe not now, but it will. (indistinct police radio transmissions)
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(indistinct conversations) ♪ wolfe: hey. how's tara? oh, she, uh... she aggravated an old shoulder injury, but she's just happy she's not getting stitches. what did you get? i found about 20 feet of fishing line attached to the release mechanism on the trapdoor, so it was definitely rigged for our victim.
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do you think that it was also rigged to come down? i doubt it. i think it just probably wasn't designed to hold the weight of a hanging body. (crackling) (people screaming) (snapping, crackling) whoever it was that pulled the release mechanism would have had to have been close... as in 20 feet close. well, i think we can recreate the crime scene using photos taken by the witnesses. i confiscated almost all the cameras. great. i'll get it to the lab. ("big jack" by ac/dc begins playing) (engine roaring) ♪ the steam is a-burning mom, come on! you have to be up for this. kyle, i'm fine. just drive. ♪ look out for jack, he's on his way ♪ look, at least drink the coffee i bought you. i don't needt. look, you're never going to make it through an interview like this. just get me there. drive faster. ♪ big jack, big jack
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♪ he's always at your back... (siren wailing) gosh darn it. (siren wailing, horn honking) i told him to be more careful. he was supposed to wake me up this morning for my job interview, and he overslept. julia, it is not his responsibility to get you there. oh, so now i get a lecture from you on parenting? hangn a second. m doin best. no. what i am saying is, endangered more than one life. what do you want from me? i want you to be more careful with him. i'm a good mother.
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i'll take care of him. i'm going to help you, okay? kyle: dad, what are we doing here? your driving could have gotten somebody killed this morning, kyle. i know. i'm not sure you do. actions have consequences, son. her name is stephanie vasquez. she was killed in a car accident this morning. i get it, dad. i really do. do you? well, this is your chance to prove it. dr. price. hello. you must be my new intern. dad, what is she talking about? you work here now, son. and she's your boss. see you at lunch. thank you, doctor.
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(trilling) caine: mr. wagner, we recovered your dna. this is so much more intimidating than i thought it would be. not you. it was on the fishing line you pulled to trigger that trapdoor. which was rigged to hang roger lansing. all right. you ready? i caught it! i caught it! (people screaming) i rigged the door, but it was to hang roger in effigy, not reality.
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good likeness, too. i had no idea it would be the real... dummy. tripp: you were gonna hang a replica of the victim? it was supposed to be the piece de resistance for the party. a surprise for amy. why didn't you mention this before? because, as you so astutely pointed out, i rigged the thing. tripp: unfortunately, we haven't found any lost effigies running around town, so you're looking pretty good for this. obviously, the killer took it. look, i didn't like roger for the way he treated amy, but i didn't kill him. you know, i think you're in love with amy. this whole gay thing's not working for me. believe me, honey, i'm not that good an actor. caine: no, but you may be that good a killer. (applause and cheering) (people screaming) so what do you think? basic. at meineke i have options... like oil changes starting at $19.95.
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just so you know... when you get sick, remember, it happens to everyone their first time. i'll be fine. that's exactly what i said. (camera shutter clicks)
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what are you gonna do with that? this goeso, what,race this guy hanged himself? the rule around res that we never takenything at face value. for instance, you see that body over there? stephanie vasquez? the car crash? yeah. her test results indicate she overdosed on oxycodone, lost consciousness, and died at the wheel. we never would have known that had we assumed she died because of the crash. so, what? i mean, is there something weird like that about this guy? well, we're going to find out. give me a hand? he's dead. he won't mind if you just grab him and turn his head. (camera shutter clicking) other side. (camera shutter clicki) good job.
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(squishing) (squishing and sloshing) (loud crunch) (gagging) (retching) if there are any volatiles in the blood, the heat will cause them to be vaporized into gas form and... rise...
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into the headspace of the vial. the g.c. will break up the compounds of the sample, and the flame ionization detector ionizes the molecules, creating a current for analysis. (beeping) confirmation. roger lansing's hanging was definitely not his idea. he was chloroformed. (muffled groaning) there's nothing on his shoes that indicates he was dragged to the scene. so he went there willingly. yeah. and he was drugged and prepared for his execution. which leaves only one thing. who was his executioner? hey, man. i was able to stitch together a virtual view based on all the photos from before and after the hanging. god, dave, what has taken you so long? what's the matter? is the learning curve too steep for you? i don't want to give you a complex. i learned the whole thing in, like, one day. nice. picking on the new guy. that's right. do you know how long
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it takes to render a 3-d image like this? oh, god, do i. thank god you're here. we can move around the environment, like so. sorry for the synthy view, but the image details are gonna change somewhat depending on the photos we pull up to fill in the blanks. okay. can you show us the ceiling of the canopy? you just pointed out our one limitation, my man. if it wasn't photographed, it doesn't exist here. besides, i thought glenn wagner already admitted to this. well, he didn't know that roger lansing was up there, but, uh... somebody did. so we're looking for someone suspicious? yeah. what about somebody that looks out of place? you see this kid over here in the corner in the background? near the canopy? (computer trilling) i can't really make out his face. can you get any closer? no, but it looks like he's moving away from the canopy, so maybe i can trace his steps. can we push through the crowd? if the information's there. (computer trilling)
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he's not out of place. that's heath lansing. that's the lansings' son. he was at his mom's divorce party? now, that could mess a kid up. i don't know. i wasn't even at that stupid party. i was working. where do you work? around the neighborhood. i clean pools. i was at the slausons' house, but they weren't home. mm-hmm. so that probably would make it pretty easy for you to sneak around other people's backyards and get back to your own. (sighs) i wanted to see it for myself. that ridiculous show she was putting on. your mom? i mean, she was in our backyard trashing my dad. she didn't even ask me about it. she didn't. and you didn't know his body was on top of the canopy? of course not. why would i? when was the last time you saw him? um, a couple of days ago.
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he wasn't taking the divorce well. he was spending all of his time at work. where did he work? i don't know. you don't know where your own father worked? we weren't allowed to talk about it. all he said was that it was for the government, and that it was important. even my mom couldn't know about it. it was a secret. but... if he was... a spy... you guys don't think that somebody got to him, do you? well, let's just take things one step at a time, but as soon as we find out anything, we'll let you know. okay. man, that poor kid. he doesn't even know where to start looking for answers. i do. the irs. they'll have roger's work address. let's get it.
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roger lansing's tax records reflect this address. i don't know a roger lansing. i rent this out to a guy named trent faber. guess he's got some kind of sublet situation going on. yeah, or maybe a business partner. either way, he owes me some money. tripp: shareholder reports. looks like trent faber bought and sold 300 shares of hayton electronics on friday alone. and a thousand of flintport, incorporated. sounds like day trading. looks like roger and this guy, uh, trent keep very busy calendars. you know, i'm gonna go out on a limb and say this doesn't look like the home office of a spy. why would you lie to your family about your job? i don't know. let's ask the partner. (car doors opening and closing) ma'am... we're looking for trent faber.
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he's not here. can i help you? delko: we have some questions about his business partner, roger lansing. trent doesn't have a business partner. is something wrong? mr. lansing was found murdered this morning. oh. well, trent left very early this morning for work. and that was to his office on flagler? yes. he's a stockbroker? yes. is trent okay? mom, i'm going to be late. let's go. i'm sorry, i'm running late, and i have to drop her off. can i have trent call you tonight when he gets home? i need to speak to him right now, ma'am. (dialing) (phone line ringing through) (phone ringing)
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hello? kyle? dad, is that you? kyle, where are you? i'm in autopsy. who's kyle? okay. whose phone is this? roger lansing, the victim. caine: kyle, don't move a muscle and stay right where you are. is that not trent? what's going on? mrs. faber, is this your husband? oh, my god, that's trent. caine: we know him as roger lansing, ma'am. i-i... i don't un-understand. could we come inside, please? i thought dr. price instructed you not to tamper with evidence. yeah, i know, okay? but it could have been the guy's killer. but, son, that is not the job.
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look, i don't see what the big deal is. kyle, a murder investigation is a very big deal. look, if i would have never answered that phone, you guys would have never... don't do it again, you understand? ♪ do you know of anyone who would want to hurt your husband? no one. i never saw my husband even raise his voice to another person. duquesne: what about trent's business? was there anything that you found to be unusual or suspicious? i don't know. he traveled a lot. we weren't supposed to talk about his work. i knew it was for the government. so he was gone a lot? he missed christmas. he always made it home for christmas. we were married on the 26th, so it was also our anniversary. how long were you married? 19 years. would've been 17 years, if i hadn't filed for divorce.
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after brianna was born, trent got depressed. i think he really wanted a son. when heath was born, he said his life was complete. delko: i think your husband's life was more than complete. he was living a double life. what am i looking at? (gasps) i'm-i'm sorry, i-i just i can't believe this. roger was married to another woman at the time he married you. duquesne: we think that trent may have used his company as his cover. saying that he was going away for business, when he was really going to be with his other family. now if you found out about this you would understandably be very upset. you think i killed him? (beeping)
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duquesne: we are merely examining all of the possibilities. we found plant fertilizer on the noose that was around your husband's neck. now, i know that you have a very extensive flower garden in your front yard. that doesn't mean anything. if you would just allow me to test your hands, just to be sure, we could eliminate you as a suspect. please place your hands on the piece of paper. what's this? it's an explosives detection kit. explosives? i thought trent was hanged. he was, but we found ammonium nitrate on the noose. ammonium nitrate is the common ingredient in explosives, as well as plant fertilizer. and you have it underneath your fingernails. just because i use fertilizer doesn't make me a killer.
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what about this other woman? is she a suspect? why would i kill him? you kill the cheating husband, frame the other wife. it's the perfect revenge plan. yeah, i've never met this "other wife," so why would i frame her? you know what? you know what? i want to talk to my lawyer. i want to talk to my lawyer.
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